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I liked the fact I was able to provide some input into what subjects areas I expected on the course, hence the trainer made some alterations to include them

Parminder Flora - Capgemnini UK Plc

Distributed Messaging with Apache Kafka

Easy to follow.

Zach Henke - Verisign

Agile Project Management with Scrum

The trainer was very open and adaptable to our specific needs, good discussions and moderated very well.

John Kramer - Nagra Media UK Ltd

UML Analysis and Design

Lots of worked examples and exercises. Discussion of these really helped my understanding.

The trainer really knew his way around the course material and was able to adapt examples and exercises to suit the interests of the class. It was helpful that he was also familiar with the tool we use (Sparx EA).

Isobel Squire - ELEXON


Excellent course. Although our organisation did not select a course that was what we were expecting the content and trainer was excellent and I will be able to immediately put the information learnt to practical use. I would have preferred to have had a printed copy of the documentation so that I could annotate it as I went along but that is only a minor gripe. Was great to have a trainer that knew his stuff inside out without any referring to notes.


Michael Taylor - Manchester University

Applying SysML with MAGICDRAW

The structure of lecture, instructure led demonstration and then group work was good a reinforcing topic

Clayton Langley - Lockheed Martin Australia

Apache Tomcat and Java EE Administration

I liked it was intresting with lot of hot subject, absolutly can understand better the product

Annamaria Vilner - NNIT Czech Republic s. r. o.

SQL Programming

The trainer is a great trainer and has very professional tone. I would definitely like to attend a SQL Advanced course in the near future which is hosted by the same trainer.


Mitul. P. Parmar - Cancer Research UK

UIPath: Deploying a Robotic Workforce

Exercise during training.

Wilkie Yu - Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Docker and Kubernetes

Flexibility of the trainer regarding schedule, topics, prioritisation.

Markus Korn - Continental Automotive GmbH

MS Excel - Intermediate / Advanced level (customized)

VBA, pivots

- NIIT Limited

Git for Victims of Subversion

good expertise

Filip Tkacz - Luxoft

Introduction to Deep Learning

The deep knowledge of the trainer about the topic.

Sebastian Görg - FANUC Europe Corporation

Managing Configuration with Ansible

The most thing i liked was how this training was organised. It was interactive and we had access to the trainig's solutions and there was no need to ask for help at minor issues. This Tytus could focus on major issues.

Eugen - Stefan Lupului - Metrosystems

AngularJS Good Practices

It is good to have hands on exercises after lectures

bonnie lee

Redis for Developers and System Administrators

training knowledge and techinic

Sutiipong Bumlungvech - The Enterprise Resources Training Co., Ltd.

Liferay Development

The course content was very well organized, with demos, useful online links, and examples. The instructor was knowledgeable and humble person. I particularly noticed his genuine interest in tailoring the class (e.g., setting up a policy/timing for question and answer during the class) to meet our needs. Overall, I had a wonderful experience.

Mariana Miron - PEOPLECERT

Embedded Linux Kernel and Driver Development

Take the first contact with embedded linux kernel

Analog Devices

Ext JS Fundamentals

It was interactive. We got to code as we went.

Barnaby Dellar - Toshiba Medical Visualisation Systems Europe Ltd

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

The training provided the right foundation that allows us to further to expand on, by showing how theory and practice go hand in hand. It actually got me more interested in the subject than I was before.

Jean-Paul van Tillo - Travix International

Jenkins: Continuous integration for Agile development

All of it. Having had no previous exposure to Jenkins, I was a little concerned about my ability to keep up. Iyad provided appropriate coaching/support, when I asked for help, so that I was able to follow the presentation at a level I was happy with.

Graham Congdon - New Zealand Customs

A Practical Guide to Successful Pricing Strategies

the exchange of ideas and the interactive nature of the conversations

Ian Reddall - Martin-Baker Aircraft Company

Redis for Administrators

knowledge of the trainer


Strategic Planning in Practice

Alistair's knowledge and presentation style

yvette pranger - Asics Europe

Understanding Business Process Modeling with BPMN 2.0

The knowledge of the Trainer

Sripal S - Techwave Consulting India Pvt Ltd


Learning by example - analysis of example recorded speeches.


Bespoke MySQL for Database Administrators

hands on training

Mohammad Shahzad - Santander UK Technology

Cucumber: Implementing Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with Cucumber

Practical examples on how to do:
- Selenium programs , so good starting block
- Cucumber feature files and translate that to java code to write functions
- Test runner to run the tests
Time for labs was sufficient.
Setup prerequisites for the course was helpful as forced people to become prepared
We had Eclipse all setup
Course structure made sense
Trainer was very knowledgeable on the content was well structured

DBS Bank Ltd

Agile Project Management with Scrum

Informative and enjoyable. The presenter took time to understand the requirements of the students adjusted his presentation accordingly.


Rob Davies - Nagra Media UK Ltd

Neural Networks Fundamentals using TensorFlow as Example

I liked the opportunities to ask questions and get more in depth explanations of the theory.


Social Media Marketing

The rapport with the training, she's very easy going and with great attitude

defacto nextperience GmbH

Data Protection


Marjorie Pepito - V.Ships Services Oceana, Inc.

CRISC - Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

deep knowledge, real examples, the fact that trainer is also a practicioner

18 Wojskowy Oddział Gospodarczy

Docker and Kubernetes

trainer's good subject knowledge and good explanations to questions posed by the participants

Daniel Michel - Systhemis AG

Node.js for JavaScript Developers

The slides provided by NobleProg gave a good outline of the sections to cover in my personal exploration of the subject.

Joe Flynn - Deloitte Digital

MS Excel - Intermediate level (customized)

interesting topics covering example from life

Joanna Sztuka - NIIT

Bespoke Javascript

Covered Basics and also gave a few on more advanced topics

Thomas Glombik - OCLC GmbH

Docker and Kubernetes: Building and Scaling a Containerized Application

Good agenda.


Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML

Learned a lot of practical material. The exercises were very practical also.


WebServices with SOAP and WSDL Basics

Lukasz was very helpful and very patient with us and the exercises were well planned and the material was well presented and demonstrated

Philip Eagan - Canada Revenue Agency; Canada Revenue Agency

Partnerships and certifications

OMG-Certified Expert in BPM 2 (OCEB2)

"The OCEB™ program - OMG-Certified Expert in BPM - consists of five examinations, granting five Certifications. Above the single Fundamental level, the program splits into two tracks - one Business-oriented , the other Technically oriented."

NobleProg has official OMG OCEB 2 Content Developer status, which means that our course outlines and training materials were developed by the same experts who prepared questions for OCEB 2 exams.

More information:

OMG Certified UML Professional (OCUP)


"OMG created OCUP to provide a certification, an objective indication, of your knowledge of UML, OMG's Unified Modelling Language.

This will benefit you by giving you an important credential to present to employers and clients. It also benefits companies looking for skilled UML practitioners like you, by giving them a basis for making hiring and promotion decisions."


OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP)

If you're a Systems Engineer, or making a hiring decision, or awarding a promotion or a raise, and if your company sells engineering services to clients on contract, OCSMP Certification at a suitable level represents a significant credential that differentiates you from your peers. Your superiors will think of you when they assign responsibility for projects based on MBSE, and when they make decisions on promotion or compensation.

Google Cloud Platform

GOOGLE CERTIFIED - Earn your certification. Boost your career.

Become a Google Certified Professional or Associate and show the world that you can design, develop, manage and administer application infrastructure and data solutions on Google Cloud technology. The Google Certified designation means you've demonstrated the necessary skills to leverage Google Cloud technology in a way that transforms businesses and meaningfully impacts the people and customers they serve.

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