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subvadv Subversion for Advanced Users 14 hours This course is aimed at advanced users of subversion, such as release managers, project leaders, or anyone who wants their svn repository to be in a streamlined production chain, who are involved heavily with branching management, automatic build/compilation and testing, even deployment and updating. The students would benefit from this course working more closely with their development team and deployment team, especially for large size companies or those with geographically distributed branches. This course features a lot of exercises on CentOS 5 virtual machines.
subvadmin Subversion for Administrators 7 hours This course is for system administrators who need to install and maintain Subversion software and Subversion repository. The aim of this course is to widen the skills of system administrators so that they can administer Subversion repository servers and provide the best advice of the practices of Subversion. This course features a lot of lab exercises on Linux virtual machines.
svnusr Subversion for Users 7 hours This course has been created for people who need to work co-operatively. The course explains the concepts of merges, conflicts, branches, revisions and diff files. Participants will learn how to use command line tools as well as GUIs like Tortoise.
gitvicsubv Git for Victims of Subversion 7 hours This course shows Subversion users how to use Git. It helps to seamlessly migrate habits from SVN to Git and avoid common mistakes.

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