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SQL100 T-SQL Fundamentals with SQL Server Training Course 16 hours This SQL training course is for people who want to acquire basic skills to deal with SQL Server Databases. Course will help the members to learn: How to work with SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio. Meaning of Databases, SQL and RDBMS etc. How to create tables, use DDL, DML and DAL. Which are the various RDBMS Packages in the market and how they compare with each other. An Introduction to NoSQL and how they are organizations are changing into hybrid databases.
3092 SQL language in MSSQL 14 hours The course answers questions How to build a query? What opportunities have SQL? What is a relational database? What is the structure and SQL commands?
ddavsvbsqls Developing Desktop Applications with Visual Studio 2012, VB.NET and SQL Server 2012 21 hours This course is divided into 3 main sections and is made up of a mixture of presentations and practical exercises. VB.NET Language in Visual Studio 2012 VB.NET Object Orientation VB.NET and Sql Server 2012
mssql2016 MS SQL Server 2016 14 hours As a core of the Microsoft data platform, SQL Server is a leading operational database management system.

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