Course Outline


Overview of Agent Based Modeling

  • Overview of different agent based modeling frameworks
  • NetLogo features

Case Study: Using Agents to Simulate a Pandemic

Getting Started

  • Installing NetLogo
  • Navigating the UI (Code Tab, Buttons, Sliders, etc.)
  • Overview of the NetLogo programming language
  • Understanding attributes, breeds, procedures, and reporters.

Creating a Model

  • Working with Tabs, Turtles, Patches, and Links
  • Working with Code, Control, and Collections
  • Controlling agent movement

Running the Model

  • Expanding agent activity
  • Adjusting the spacing of a model

Test the Model

  • Documenting the simulation
  • Resolving problems with the simulation

Monitoring the Agents

  • Plotting the simulation

Summary and Conclusion


  • No programming experience required.


  • Researchers
  • Investigators
  • Analysts
 21 Hours

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