Advanced Selenium with C# Training Course

Course Code



14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)


  • Automated testing experience with Selenium
  • Web application development experience (recommended)
  • Understanding of C# (recommended)


In this instructor-led, live training, participants will learn how to enhance an automated test suite using advanced techniques to drive Selenium.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Resolve complex web application test automation issues with Selenium
  • Apply regular expressions and pattern-based verification techniques
  • Handle exceptions that halt test execution
  • Perform SQL calls to verify data
  • Programmatically search for web objects
  • Dynamically capture data from web controls
  • Create a data-driven testing framework
  • Distribute testing with Selenium Grid 


  • Software testers
  • Test Managers
  • Quality assurance professionals

Course Outline


Preparing Visual Studio IDE for Selenium Testing

  • Setting up Selenium libraries for Visual Studio

Strategies for Locating Objects

  • Identifying objects in Selenium WebDriver (Name, ID, CSS Selector, XPath, etc.)
  • Handling dynamic objects

Capturing and Validating Data

  • Capturing and validating data from web tables, options in drop-down lists, html trees, etc.

Logging Strategies

  • Using log4net to save logs
  • Generating HTML logs
  • Saving logs to Excel
  • Attaching screenshots to logs

Reading Locaters Whose Value Changes (dynamic Html element ID, etc.)

  • Using regular expressions
  • Using gobbling

Optimizing the Test Code

  • Refactoring custom control methods
  • Reducing parameters
  • Using strongly typed parameters
  • Making code reusable

Data Driven Testing Using Selenium WebDriver in C#

  • Reading from test data source
  • ODBC source, CSV files, Excel files, DAO objects, ADO objects, etc
  • Executing a sample test

Working with Databases

  • Connecting to the database
  • Sending queries to the database
  • Processing the results

Testing with Multiple Browsers

  • Running a test against multiple browsers
  • Running multiple tests against multiple browsers
  • Creating a test suite

Distributing Tests with Selenium Grid

  • Parallel testing using C# and NUnit
  • Setting up Selenium hub and nodes
  • Tweaking the Selenium scripts
  • Executing tests on different machines and browsers in parallel

Continuous Testing Strategies

  • Integrating Selenium tests into automated build and delivery process


  • When test results in Visual Studio differ from test results during automated build process

Summary and Conclusion



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